Headshot of Kevin Foote, smiling in a white collared shirt.
Kevin leaning against a white vintage car parked on grass with a house in the background.
Portrait of Kevin sitting on the beach with weathered wood in the foreground.


Kevin Foote, LCSW, is a rare combination. A lifelong entrepreneur whose success in business allowed him to retire at the age of 39, Kevin is also a licensed counselor with a degree in nutrition. These diverse experiences led him to create a completely unique and integrated approach that balances business savvy—composed of strategy, sales, marketing and other concerns—with the human touch.

Veterinary doctors, restaurant owners, attorneys and others have found in him a compassionate presence, a listening ear, and a mentor who champions for their health, their relationships with their families, and their quality of life; as well as a seasoned advisor and potent business force who can direct them in all the facets of growing profits and managing a business. 

A father, grandfather, husband, Ironman triathlete and community leader who sits on corporate boards nationwide, Kevin gives his time to a number of non-profits and charities. He lives with his wife Nancy and their cats, dogs, and birds on the North Fork of Long Island.


When my sons were coming into the company we needed help getting lines of communication clear. Was I a boss or a father? Were they sons or employees? Kevin sat in at board meetings and helped us keep things distinct. He has an ability to determine what people can hear and what they will respond to. 

— Jeff Strong, President, Strong's Marine


Kevin is very bright and very intuitive. He’s able to identify the dynamics that go on within a system and clearly see ways in which processes can be improved in order to reach agreed-upon goals. I think he has the ability to see through personalities and egos to help people get down to the issues they really need to work on.

— Charlie Dean, Associate Dean, Stony Brook University School of Social Welfare