The Footeworks® process benefits educational organizations including large public school systems. Our methods are grounded in best practices from the world of business, nonprofit management, and education. These include:

• Board member training: We help elected community members accelerate their learning curve, so they understand how effective boards function internally and with the management of their superintendents. This includes specific training in governance, evaluation, and expert methods of communication.

• Clarifying governance: We assist board members and superintendents, along with their cabinets, to function efficiently by clarifying roles, responsibilities and accountability procedures.

• Executive coaching: Being responsible for organizations with thousands of employees and budgets in the tens or hundreds of millions is a daunting and lonely task. Footeworks assesses the needs of superintendents and together with them, crafts a strategic development and support plan, so they can grow as leaders.

• Conflict resolution: The test of the health of an organization is not whether conflict exists. (It always does.) The question is whether the organization understands how to utilize the conflict, so it becomes stronger. Footeworks helps districts build the internal mechanisms, so conflict builds strength and purpose.

• Strategic planning: An organization that uses all of its intellectual capital to put out fires is at the mercy of future trends. Progressive institutions are forward reaching and forward-looking. To this end, Footeworks offers strategic planning retreats and carefully targeted workshops.

• Specific departmental needs: Every school district has its own unique challenges. Sometimes these involve relationships between the teachers union and the administration. In other places, a particular department may be struggling, such as guidance, or special education. Footeworks identifies the root causes of the problems and works with administrative leaders to develop and implement sustainable solutions.

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