Footeworks® has made its mark with businesses across the United States and Canada. Combining a people-oriented approach with entrepreneurial savvy, we provide the support companies need to solve their problems and get to the next level.

From equine winemakers, to restaurateurs, to marina owners, to yoga studios, our approach has helped owners and the people who work for them attain unprecedented success. 

Kevin meeting with a client in an industrial setting.


Some of our core services include:

• Increasing profitability: through our whole systems, rigorous diagnostic approach, we help companies establish mechanisms to contain costs and capture revenues. We guide you to eliminate efficiencies that have gone unnoticed, establish the right price points for services, and add more value to your clients while expanding your earnings.

• Growing market share: wherever your business is, and whatever cycle the economy is in, there are always opportunities to stabilize your existing client base and build market share. We apply our experience in marketing and sales to your unique offerings.

• Staff management: frequently owners are confused about how to manage their staff. What are the appropriate boundaries? How can you engender more accountability, professionalism, and better customer service? How can you attract and retain the best people? Through our people-first, whole systems approach, we assess the culture you have created and train you to build the one that will most support your goals and needs.

• Buy-ins and buy-outs: throughout different industries, we help smooth the entry of new owners buying into a business and the transition of owners selling their shares. We use our unique perspective grounded in the worlds of business and counseling, to structure deals that create long-term, win-win scenarios on both sides of the bargaining table.

• Customer Service: by working holistically, with every facet of the organization, we help service organizations improve the quality of the customer experience throughout each link of the relationship chain. From the initiation of appointments, to reception, to the delivery of services, to discharge and follow-up, we help install a culture that is responsive, proactive and committed to service.


Family businesses can be unstoppable if we harness the synergy and wisdom in the system, along with the energy and focus of youth. The multiple roles and dynamics within a family that produces commerce creates great opportunity – for both success and conflict. The key is to move away from the family hierarchy, and instead tap into the individual talents of the involved family members.