Footeworks® consults with law firms of all sizes in the state of New York, specializing in the following areas:

• Strategic planning: like any company, a law firm that thinks ahead of the curve positions itself to stay strong, no matter what the market brings. We provide an experienced hand to guide attorneys to think strategically, how to contain their costs by maximizing efficiencies, how to increase market share, and how to attract and train young talent for future succession.

• Conflict resolution: the test of the health of any organization is not the absence of conflict but what the conflict brings. We help to establish the clear structures and guidelines to resolve the tension, so the organization's core values and vision are reinforced.

• Governance and operations: typically, law firms grow in an organic and semi-planned fashion through the reputation and goodwill generated by the hard work of the founders and senior partners. But like a house that keeps on adding rooms without a master plan, organic growth can lead to inefficiencies and unnecessary conflict. We guide firms to take a big picture view so they may put in place the structures, communication channels, and accountability protocols that build simplicity and productivity.

• Executive coaching: in the beginning of a career, virtually every hard-working professional has the same dream: to build a company so you can feel proud of your achievements, do outstanding work, and reap a high quality of life for yourself and your family. Too often, as people are climbing, and when they reach the peak, they find that their company is running them. We help executives align their actions with their values, so they get the quality of life that they deserve.

• Revenue capturing: attorneys work hard, yet throughout law firms billable hours are routinely missed, because associates, paralegals, secretaries and even the partners themselves forget to log hours. Many of our firms have experienced a 5 to 10% increase in revenues simply by following the structures and protocols we helped establish, to capture work that has already been done.

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