Take care of your long-term happiness and ensure your business’ long-term success.

Because the best way to ensure the long-term success of a business is to take care of the long-term health and happiness of the owners, we help pull out of you the things that matter most, both for your professional and your personal life.  We help you think strategically and aim your actions toward your goals.

The time to start is now, with your joy and well-being in the present.

Kevin meeting with a client in an industrial setting.
Kevin and training partner running along a tree lined road, in training for triathlons.
A woman walking along a dock in front of a bulkhead.
Two partially filled wine glasses on a table with people on opposite sides of the table out of frame, except for their arms.

Each company, each individual is unique.  


We start with a phone consultation, and then we begin by setting up a series of onsite meetings, where we talk with key people at every level of your organization.  

1. We listen carefully to get a feel for your business, and we assess your needs.

2.  We identify the particular obstacles that are preventing you and your company from thriving.  On the basis of these issues, we make a plan – that you anoint – that calls for massive, clearly defined action.

3. Finally as well as in successive tune-ups, we continue to meet with your key people as we support you and them in taking the steps necessary to achieve your goals.

Looking down on a meeting table of six with materials & technology.

Between visits, we monitor and support you on your path through scheduled phone sessions. Our purpose is to help you keep sight of your goals and your plan.  Simply put, actions take time to become habits, and we want to assist you in building the habits that will improve the quality of your life for years to come.

Massive, identifiable results.  Impact on your productivity, profits, and your organizational morale. Clarity about what matters most, how to gain it, and how to achieve greater balance along the way. A professional life that reflects and supports your deepest values.

Kevin meeting with a client over lunch.
Kevin meeting with a female client.

OUR Clients Words

“Footeworks® changed the culture of our practice...how to be people first and from that grow out to be a more cohesive unit.”

— Luis Castro, President Florida Association of Equine Practitioners

“Was there life before Footeworks®? Hard to imagine...I didn't know how huge the impact would be and how quickly it would happen. The support Footeworks® provides  is always genuine, effective and we refer to those systems on a daily basis.”

— Jenny Oz

“My business was failing... Kevin helped me see there’s another way to do this without running on the treadmill. Somehow he gets right down to it. It’s quite amazing, actually.”

— Erika Jurasits, DO, North Country Family Health and Medicine