Footeworks® has helped large healthcare organizations in both the U.S. and Canada, comprised of multiple departments and divisions, to streamline their operations and achieve the services at the heart of their missions.

Our specific areas of specialty include:

• Leadership development: we work with executives, department heads, and mid-level managers to improve their leadership. Areas include self-awareness, the ability to listen well and communicate clearly, the capacity to delegate to staff and hold them accountable, understanding how to run meetings efficiently and effectively, and an ability to resolve conflict.

• Systems integration: too often, large organizations fall out of sync with their core values. The various parts and departments become dis-integrated, as if they are separate entities, instead of working together to achieve the overall goal. We work with executives and department heads to establish the protocols, lines of communication, and governance structures that build a culture of cohesion and integration.

• Cost and revenue capturing: typically, our clients report gains as much as 5 to 10% on both sides of the income statement. By establishing clear accountability structures, all work that has been performed is captured; and unnecessary redundancies are eliminated

• Strategic planning: our experience in a variety of industries allows us to guide executives to identify unforeseen market opportunities and to generate and implement step-by-step initiatives that propel them to the top of their fields.

• Customer Service: by working holistically, with every facet of the organization, we help service organizations improve the quality of the customer experience throughout each link of the relationship chain. From the initiation of appointments, to reception, to the delivery of services, to discharge and follow-up, we help install a culture that is responsive, proactive and committed to service.

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