Kevin Foote and the team at Footeworks® will tailor services on an individual basis to suit the needs of your organization. 

Elements of focus include:


Footeworks® works with your diverse group to pull out of each individual their vision, and then provide support to assure everyone communicates their needs the group. The final step is to weave together a common vision that captures the essence of everyone’s individual views – and crystallizes what’s possible within the company.  At the completion of the process, we produce an action plan, incorporating systems of accountability, to make progress towards the agreed-upon vision.


Similar to the process of strategic vision planning, Footeworks® assesses the needs of your group and where they want to go. We move your group to a collaborative mindset while maximizing their time and energy towards a common goal. 


Footeworks® helps your organization – whether a company, departmental system or family – to resolve differences through collaboration and creativity.  We assess your system to identify areas of blockage, where groups may be hooked, triggered or bogged down in philosophical differences.  We help your group communicate to free up these areas of conflict so you can move forward together to reach your common goals.


Footeworks® provides training to support leaders as they move from manager to executive.

To become an executive, we need to learn to delegate – not merely relegate to others the tasks we prefer not to do ourselves.  We need to learn to empower our people – without taking on more responsibilities ourselves.  The key is to break habits that limit our growth; to stop the frenetic energy we expend being a ‘human doing’ rather than a ‘human being.’ 


Footeworks® trains boards of directors to view the business from a macro point of view so they may support and direct their CEO/president while fulfilling the needs of the shareholders.  


Footeworks® will design a custom seminar for your audience.  Seminars may incorporate elements of teambuilding, strategic vision planning, facilitation and mediation, as directed by your specific desired outcomes. 


Kevin Foote and the team at Footeworks® will bring a customized version of the Footeworks® message to your group:  putting people first; drawing power from your values; balancing work and home life; and a range of other topics created to inspire achievement, energize performance and blast through limitations. Gain powerful tools to build synergistic values, effective communication and teamwork.

Customized support is available in the following areas:


·      Diminishing expenses

·      Clarifying organizational roles

·      Improving structures for informational flow


·      Increasing revenues

·      Building your client base

·      Defining, capturing and expanding your market


·      Conflict resolution

·      Teambuilding

·      Communication

·      Organizational morale

·      Partner buy-ins & buy-outs

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